10 Years but worth the wait – FLAG IS BACK!

It’s been over a decade since the Warriors hosted their successful Spring Flag Football Program but it’s back and with great enthusiasm! “I wouldn’t have been involved with the club if it wasn’t for flag nor would my past DC Terry Schaefer or current OC  and Club VP Tim Sheahan.  It was a very important program to get youth introduced into our great sport back then.  Unfortunately over time, we lost some key volunteers and it fell by the wayside”, states Paul Stewart, Warriors President
This past winter Charlie Keenan reached out to the Warriors.  Charlie is attending Queens University but had some time that he wanted to dedicate to giving back to his old club.  Charlie not only started playing football with our flag program but he became one of the very best players our club had at the time.  “Charlie was athletic, ultra-intelligent and driven”, states Stewart.  “I had the fortune to coach Charlie and when he chose to reach out to help our club, I was determined to find him a job.  Together we soon landed on Charlie being an instrumental volunteer to re-introduce our Spring Flag Football Program.”
The league started Saturday morning and fielded 7 full teams ages 7-13 with over 60 players.   Another key component of the re-launch was the use of Warriors alumni as coaches and referees for the program “We couldn’t be happier with the re-launch.   We volunteer to set an example for our youth and to see Charlie and so many Warriors alumni return to do the same is simply amazing”, concludes Stewart.

Tyke players Avery Stuart (left) and Louis Turpin are reunited week 1 of the Warriors 2017 Spring Flag Football Program. They were buds last year and will be leaders on our Tyke Tackle Football team this year.

Wariors Alumni Jack Rabb is one many ex-Warriors that have returned to coach our program. Gotta luv the way our Warriors are giving back! Class Act Jack!

THANKS CHARLIE KEENAN for taking on the task and making our re-launch of our Spring Flag Football Program a resounding success!