Jacob Baylin receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

CONGRATULATIONS to Jacob Baylin who was recognized and honoured today with the City of Ottawa Mayor’s City Builder Award.
Mayor Jim Watson made the presentation to the young Warriors alumni for “his outstanding act of kindness and inspiring charitable work” in association with his support of the Bell Warriors Football Club and their goals to keep sport “Affordable for All”.
Earlier in the year Jacob Baylin became our youngest Friend of the Warriors sponsor in our 62 year history when he made a donation to our Warriors with money he had earned working last summer.  At the time, Paul Stewart (Warriors President) commented, “Jacob was an award winner and his call to contribute to the cause continues still even after his playing days.   Not many 16 year olds would think of giving their own money to a sports club.  Jacob, however, saw the financial challenges that so many Warriors families face and he chose to step up.  True leaders strive to be part of the solution and that’s what Jacob is all about.”  He continues, “His selfless contribution set an example of leadership and thoughtfulness that our community’s youth should all aspire to.  It also became a focal point in our Club’s communication efforts that ultimately led to more than a half dozen more sponsors for our non-profit sports club.
The Warriors support our players on and off the field.  It is so impressive to see one of our most recent alumni learn from that example and recognize that they too could be a catalyst for change.  The Bell Warriors are proud of Jacob and our Warriors family are moved and motivated by this impressive young man’s actions

Mayor Jim Watson presents Mayor’s City Builder Award to Jacob Baylin (middle). with Bayward Councillor Mark Taylor (right)

Jacob Baylin gives his acceptance speech at City of Ottawa Councillor’s meeting today

From L to R: Josh Baylin, Zachary Baylin, Jacob Baylin, Richard Baylin and Natasha Thiessen-Baylin

2017 Mayor’s City Builder Award winner Jacob Baylin


Congratulations JACOB!!! Read more about Jacob’s big day:  City of Ottawa Press Release

62 Great Years & Counting

2017 marked the 62nd anniversary of our league (NCAFA) and the Bell Warriors Football Club.  It is unimaginable to consider how many people and hours have been generous given to our community to mentor our young youth over those many years.  We have so much to be proud of, grateful for and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of this year’s volunteers for all they did to make the ’17 season a resounding success”, summed up Paul Stewart, Bell Warriors President at the Warriors AGM held Feb 27.

Here are some highlights from the President’s report:

Elections determined that the 2017 Bell Warriors Executive would be:

  • Paul Stewart, President
  • Tim Sheahan, VP of Operations
  • Barb Dodge, VP of Administration (NEW)
  • Dan Crabtree, VP of Finance

Director positions are listed on our Contact page and supporters are encouraged to contact the Warriors at info@bellwarriors.ca if they are interested in applying to fill any vacant positions.