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More about our 2017 QB Clinic Director – Rodney Moors

Rodney Moors is our non-contact Director of the Bell Warriors Football Club and the non-contact Director in NCAFA. Rodney started playing football with the Queensway Titans. He was cut from the first team he tried out for. His first team was Myer’s Riders (Bantam). He then played for the Sir Robert Borden Bengals (3 years), the University of Toronto Varsity Blues (6 years), Modena Vipers (Italy, 1 year), Gateshead Senators (England, 2 years) and the Ottawa Bootleggers (2 years). As Rodney began his teaching career in Aurora, he began playing touch football with Landell Lightning. Landell won 3 National Championships (1994, 1996, 1998) and Rodney was twice Nike Player of the Year. He then moved to Ottawa to marry Joy and start a family. He joined the Ottawa Nepean Canadians touch football team and won 5 National Championships (2002 -2006) with the Canadians. At present Rod plays with the Ottawa Capitals and in 2010 and 2012 were National Championship semi-finalists.Rod began his coaching career in Aurora with Dr. G.W. Williams Wildcats (senior football, 5 years), then coached junior and senior football teams at Bell High School and Colonely By Secondary School. In 2003 he started girls touch football at Bell High School. Rod began coaching women’s football in 1996 with the Ottawa Devils and helped them win two National Championships (1997, 1999). Recently Rod worked with the Ottawa Devils again and helped them win 3 National Championships (2007, 2008, 2010). ┬áRodney has been hosting QB clinics in the Ottawa region for over 15 years.