2018 Bantam Tackle


For children ages 14-15 as of December 31st of 2019. Players must live within the Bell Warriors territory to be able to participate. To determine which league (NCAFA – National Capital Amateur Football Association) territory you live in, click on this link which will take you to an interactive NCAFA Territory Map.

The Bantams have a Spring Training Program which starts in May every year for 2 weeks.  Tackle football tryouts start at the beginning of June.  We generally take 3 weeks off at the end of the school year and start back with our final tryouts stage the last week of July.  The regular season starts the third week of August and runs until the end of October. 100% of the equipment is supplied. Tryouts are at Bell High School (just South of the baseball diamonds). Register On-Line here for our Bantam Tackle Football Program.

2018 Coaching Staff

Head Coach
Rich Baylin (613) 721-9704
Team Manager
Defensive Coordinator
Joe Papalia
Offensive Coordinator
Tim Sheahan
Assistant Offensive Coordinator
Matt Valois
Offensive Coach
Paul Stewart
O-Line Assistant Coach
Mike Anderson
Defensivve Coach
Dan Crabtree
DL Coach
Scott Statham
DB & Special Teams Coach
Carl-André Potier
Stephanie Medeiros
Equipment Manager
Shawn Morissette

Bantam Major Awards History

2018 Bantam Tackle Season Highlights

2017 Bantam Tackle Season Highlights

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2015 Bantam Tackle Season Highlights

2015 bantams

2014 Bantam Roster

DB #2
Giuseppe Papalia
DB #4
Tyler Brohman
DB #6
Liban Musse
QB/RB #9
Jacob McPhee
DL #10
Dylan Belaire
SB/QB #11
Jack Rabb
DB #8
Tyler Courtland
WR #9
Blake Adam
Rec/QB #11
Eric Conley
DB #12
Bradi Tabri
SB/FB #17
Brendan Sheahan
WR/RB #21
Dilan Parry
DB #22
Nicolas Barnes
RB #23
Kerbens Boissette
DB/LB #24
Ross Polito
DB #32
Ryan Oracheski
SB/RB #33
Sam Roberts
RB/LB #35
Sheldon Thomas
DB/LB #36
Tyler Brown
LB #42
Andrew Beattie
LB #52
Brad Cowan
OL #53
Josh Howatt
OL #55
Liam Cochrane
DL/OL #64
Theo Quattrocchi
OL/DL #65
Craig Dawe
OL #67
Aidan Wilson
OL #77
Zachary Statham-Souliere
DL/OL #80
John Hanoski
WR #81
Demar Welsh
DL #82
Daniel Gariano
WR/DL #83
Daniel Schwartz
SB/DL #87
Mitchell Powell
LB/DL/OL #88
Jacob Stuart-Lafleur
DL #96
Waylon Allan