Pee Wee

2018 Pee Wee Tackle


For children ages 12-13 as of December 31st of 2019. Players must live within the Bell Warriors territory to be able to participate. To determine which league (NCAFA – National Capital Amateur Football Association) territory you live in, click on this link which will take you to an interactive NCAFA Territory Map.

The Pee Wees have Winter Workouts every year that are a great opportunity to get familiarized with the coaching staff, some of the Warrior players and our great sport of football. No equipment is required. Players are encouraged to bring cleats, wear shorts & t-shirts and bring water. Click here to register for our Warrior Pee Wee Winter Workouts. Tackle football tryouts start in May. 100% of the equipment is supplied. Tryouts are at Bell High School (just South of the baseball diamonds). Register On-Line here for our Pee Wee Tackle Football Program.

2018 Coaching Staff

Head Coach
Paul Gowans (613) 291-9857
Team Manager
Offfensive Coach
David Sabourin
Offensive Coach
David Latendressel
Defensive Coordinator
Geoff Forsyth
Defensive Coach
Phil Lavigne
Defensive Coach
Jocelyn Ayotte
Defensive Coach
Bobby Jinkinson
Melanie Sleep
Equipment Manager
Troy McLeod

Pee Wee Major Award Winners History

2018 Pee Wee Tackle Season Highlights

2015 Pee wee

2014 Pee Wee Roster

RB #1
Andrew Fullerton
DB #2
Kyle Crabtree
WR/RB #3
Joshua Streng
WR #5
Jacob Baylin
DB #6
Jake Papalia
QB #7
James Keenan
DB #8
Tyler Courtland
WR #9
Blake Adam
Rec/QB #11
Eric Conley
Rec #13
Nicholas Walter
DB #16
Shayne Forsyth
LB #18
Malik Yusef
DB #20
Nicklas Sua
Rec #21
Jake Miles
Rec #23
Ben Williams
Rec #27
Sean Gariano
LB #42
Keenan Broad
LB #44
Jérémy Paré
DL #46
Manny Akol
LB #50
Aiden Lundstrom
OL #51
Derek Boudreau
OL #53
Oliver Hamilton
DL #54
Steven Schwartz
OL #55
Logan Statham
LB #56
Noah Hemming
OL #57
Andew Bagg
DL #60
Aron Masalingi
DL #64
Michael Byrne
DL #68
Ryan Pacholik
OL #75
Connor England
OL #77
Matt Chapeski
OL #89
Matthew Tarasco