Welcolme to Girls or Boys


To attend any Bell Warriors session you must be registered with Football Ontario.  Football Ontario registration has flag and tackle registration. Registration is good for the year. If you register for tackle (most expensive) you are good for any flag or tackle activity. If you register for flag (cheaper) you are only good for flag activities. When you register for tackle you will be billed the extra amount on top of flag registration to bring you up to the tackle amount.  https://footballontario.net/national-registry/


Flag (Open):  U8 (2015 and younger), U10 (2013, 2014), U12 (2011, 2012), U14 (2009, 2010), U16 (2007, 2008), U19 (2004-2006)

Flag (Girls):  U12 (2011, 2012), U14 (2009, 2010) , U16 (2007, 2008), U20 (2003-2006)

First of all this is shaping up to be the best ever Bell Warriors non-contact program. We have 136 participants and more register every day. It is important you read the whole message below. It is for all groups (open and girls).

Because of our increased size I must make a change to our pre-season schedule.
We are not going to have Tuesday (girls) or Wednesday (open) sessions in April and early May. In years past we did at a small field but we were not supposed to go on fields until the city allows it. We cannot do this when we have this many participants. We will get in trouble. Once the city opens the fields we will have a weeknight practice at Sawyer’s Meadow in Bridlewood. This is generally in mid-May. 
In years past our weeknight city field practice has been on Tuesdays. We may be a bit too big for everyone to fit onto one field so we may need to have some groups practice on Wednesdays  instead. Will keep you posted. 
I am going to make a youtube video of what players should work on during the week on their own time. Perhaps players can meet up with friends or family to work on these things together.
We have two practice times for the next 4-5 weeks. Saturday and Sunday at the Nepean Sportsplex, 9 – 11 am. Saturday is the general practice, Sunday is a practice to focus more on throwing and catching. I sometimes adjust the start time at this time of year because of the cold.
This weekend (April 16, 17) there is snow and rain forecast for Saturday but practice will go on, always things to work on, poor weather practices last about 1 hour. Both practices will start at 9:30 am. I will be there at 9 am if you want to be there earlier. 
Players can stay after practice to play more games (informal) if they wish. 
Here are two questionnaires. I need everyone to do the clothing one. The friend request is optional. 
Friend Requests (just do one request per group of friends please)
One of these days soon we will be handing out shirts and mouthguards for participants. If you son or daughter has braces you should consider a braces mouthguard which can be found online. No exceptions for mouthguards this year.
There is a National Football Women’s Weekend at Carleton U. on May 6-8. There is the first ever National Intercollegiate Women’s Flag Football championship on May 6, 7. Click here to see more details
look for the link on that page for the schedule of games.
National Women’s tackle team tryouts also that weekend, see above link for more details.
I am looking for volunteers for the Intercollegiate championship. Participants would keep score and simple stats and help with ball retrieval. Let me know if your daughter is interested.


Register Here so that you will be emailed about any Team Ontario High Performance ID or training sessions. There are U16, U18, U20 and Senior Team Ontario squads (male and female). They also have a futures (U14) section to start identifying players before they are old enough for the squads.


Our non-contact OPEN FLAG FOOTBALL program has been continuing to grow since its reintroduction a few years back.  The Bell Warriors will be one of the NCAFA clubs that will be hosting the program.   Open Flag Football will be a closed boundary program and will use the tackle football boundaries.  All will offer skill development and game play. U8 participants will complete the Football Canada First Down Program. The sessions of the First Down Program develop fundamental movement skills like running, throwing, catching and kicking. The program incorporates football related movements, activities, and skills to help build physical literacy.  For U10 and above, NCAFA hopes to offer city-wide competition between teams.

Last year there were some U16 boys teams and not very many U19 boys teams. We expect growth in these numbers in the next few years. Please let us know if your son is interested in playing by emailing rodmoors12@gmail.com. Do not register at this time. If your son is attending on field activities only do the Football Ontario registration ($22.50). When we are sure of a league we will ask you to do the Bell Warriors registration.

Our Open Flag Football program will begin in May through the end of June.  There will be many March and April training sessions that will go along with this program.  For more details, please email rodmoors12@gmail.com.


The Bell Warriors GIRLS FLAG FOOTBALL program offers girl’s the ultimate opportunity to compete and  have fun.  Arguably, there is no other sport that combines hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, running and conditioning like Flag Football.  Our Summer Girl’s Flag Football program will begin in May through the end of June.  There will be many March and April training sessions that will go along with this program. .  For more details, please email rodmoors12@gmail.com.

The Bell Warriors girls touch football program has been a great success for over 10 years.  Last year the touch football program became the flag football program.  Flag football offers more opportunities provincially, nationally, and internationally.  The flag program will continue to develop hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, running and conditioning.  Girls flag football, unlike the boys program, has open boundaries.


FLAG Football

Find out more about our Spring Open Flag or our Girls Flag Football Programs

(Ages 5-18)