Largest Turn out for Girl’s Touch Football Yet!

Year after year after year, the Warriors’ Spring Girl’s Touch Football program continues to set new records. “I say there are two key factors that are driving the programs growth” , states Paul Stewart (Bell Warriors President).  “Our boosting of our communications with social media certainly have played a significant role in increasing the awareness of our program.  The primary contributing factor however is our own Rodney Moors.  Rodney has so much drive and determination to grow girl’s football in Ottawa.  He’s a teacher.  He’s a Canadian champion as a player and a coach and his passion for the sport is driving the growth of our Girl’s Touch Football Program without a doubt“, sums up Stewart.
The Warriors will be fielding 6-7 full girl’s touch football teams this year and we have offered programs for girls 10-23 year of age.  As with our tackle football program, the Girl’s Touch Football Program is affordable and accessible to all.   We think it is the ideal sport for girls to play in the Spring.

Games started this past week and will continue until the beginning of July.  The Warriors can’t thank Rodney Moors enough for his drive and dedication.  Rodney gets it.  It’s all about growing the sport and Rodney is our not-so-secret weapon.  THANKS RODNEY!!!